Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully

  1. By paying the deposit, the client agrees to our T&C’s.
  2. In case of cancellation, the deposit is non – refundable. However, it is transferable subject to availability.
  3. Once the balloons are in the clients possession, they are not our responsibility.
  4. Balloons will last 1 – 2 days at best outdoors.
  5. Latex allergies MUST be declared before booking.
  6. Any damaged/lost/stolen/ prop(s)/items will be invoiced to the client or deducted from the deposit. 
  7. Balloons are hazardous to children. Risk of choking. Please do not leave children unsupervised around any set up.
  8. Use of command hooks. The client gives permission to use command hooks on any interior wall and understand the risk of damage.
  9. Use of adhesive hooks. The client gives permission to use adhesive hooks on exterior walls and understands the risk of damage.
  10. Do not put balloons near direct sunlight, by a radiator or in car/shed over night.
  11. Balloons are delicate. Please avoid letting children play/sharp objects to be near the set up.
  12. The client understands that we charge a delivery/installation fee.
  13. The client understands that the full quote balance should be paid 3 days before the event.
  14. The client understand that any equipment used must be collected the same day at the end of the event, so information about timing must be provided in advance.
  15. In case of cancelling and rescheduling, the client must do so within the next 12 calendar months at the convenience of Petite Balloon Events.
  16. Payments can be made via bank transfer or cash. Failure to pay the deposit or full payment will result in your booking not being guaranteed.
  17. In case of full cancellation we reserve the right to not return any deposit as this could have been used to pay for materials needed for the installation.
  18. Deleting decor pieces cannot be made to any orders once you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions, however if you wish to add anything extra, this can be done at least 7 days prior your event day and additional charges will be added to cover the cost.
  19. Installations times MUST be discussed when placing your order/booking.
  20. Access to an event location must be secured and confirmed by the client with the venue as well as the installation location. We do not hold responsibility for delays if a reasonable amount of time is not allocated to complete the installation, as well as the specific area.
  21. The client must declare that they wish to keep the balloons, as these are normally burst once the furniture s ready for collection. However, this is subject to the possibility of unbinding them according to the type of installation.
  22. The client understands that we do not use balloons among other materials from the client. Our quote include all necessary materials that allow us to maintain quality in the installation at the same time.